Why Generic Latisse?

If you looking for longer eyelashes and you had tried many products then generic latisse will give you the best result for your eye lash issue. It is one of the best eyelash enhancer used by many professional makeup artists in the fashion world.


The branded product is always cost you more as compare to generic medicine. The brand spend huge amount on advertising so that the product will reach to people easily and once people known about the product name through various channel like big hording, television adds, news papers adds, radio, video, magazine etc it has been seen by people now people know the product name and hence it's become brand. The generic medicines are manufactured with the same method following all the FDA guidelines and then they launch the generic medicine of branded version products. 


The Generic Latisse which use the Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution 0.03% has been use many consumer and satisfy with the result. The price of generic latisse is low and hence it is one of the demanding product in fashion world. The fashion industry and the big make-up artist use this product as cosmetics which give faster result. 


The result of the generic latisse will be seen within in short period of time. You will be happy after seeing the long and thicker eyelashes. The bimatoprost ophthalmic solution does some side effect and yes you need to concern about it side effect too. It is always better to had consultation with your physician before you using any medicine or cosmetic product.


Eye Drops For Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome

Are you frequently suffer from dry eyes or visual discomfort? A healthy eye depends on the flow of tears to provide consistent lubrication and moisture, maintaining good comfort and clear vision. Tears are made up of a combination of oils for lubrication, water for moisture, and mucus for spreading, and also come packed with special proteins and antibodies that help to protect the eye from infection. The various components that make up tears are secreted by glands located around the eye, and when the system stops working as it should, people suffer from dry eyes.

The Main Causes for Dry Eye : Dry eye occurs when the eye is unable to properly produce tears, or when the tears are not of the proper consistency, and therefore evaporate too quickly. Along with dry eye, it is common to experience inflammation around the surface of the eye, and if this is left untreated, the condition may lead to ulcers, pain, or scars across the cornea, as well as the potential for some vision loss. Thankfully, permanent vision loss associated with dry eye is not common. Dry eye often makes it difficult to perform certain activities, such as reading or using a computer, and it can make living in dry environments highly uncomfortable. Other names for dry eye syndrome include dysfunctional tear syndrome, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, lacrimal keratoconjunctivitis, aqueous tear deficiency, evaporative tear deficiency, and LASIK-induced neurotrophic epitheliopathy.

It can be associated with:

any disease process that may alter the components in tears
inflammation of the lacrimal gland, the conjunctiva, or the surface of the eye
cosmetic surgery, such as if the eyelids are opened too wide.
an increase in the surface area of the eye – such as in thyroid diseases when the eye protrudes
Symptoms of Dry Eye
The signs and symptoms of dry eye, which typically stretch to both eyes, regardless of the condition, may include:

  • string mucus around or inside the eye
  • a burning, stinging, or scratchy sensation in the eyes
  • redness within the eyes
  • the feeling of having something in your eye
  • light sensitivity
  • trouble wearing contact lenses
  • watery eyes
  • eye fatigue and blurred vision
  • trouble seeing at night
  • Treating Dry Eye with Eye Drops

The best way a person can help to relieve their own symptoms of dry eye is to utilize gels, artificial tears, ointments, and eye drops that are available either on a prescription basis, or as over-the-counter remedies. These solutions offer a way to replace tears in patients with a deficiency, and offer temporary relief. The eye drops available to people suffering from dry eye syndrome can frequently be categorized into two: the first category is for prescription eye drops, and the second is for over the counter (OTC) eye drops. OTC eye drops can be an appropriate solution in many cases, and are also far more convenient and cheaper for the patient involved. However, if symptoms persist or get worse, then it is crucial to visit an eye doctor.


Wholesale Lumigan; Allergan Eye Drop Approved by FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved bimatoprost 0.01% ophthalmic solution (Lumigan; Allergan) for the first-line treatment of elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

As with the previously approved 0.03% formulation, bimatoprost 0.01% solution is administered as 1 drop in the affected eye(s) once daily in the evening.

FDA approval was based on data from a 3-month study showing that bimatoprost 0.01% decreased IOP by up to 7.5 mm Hg from an average baseline of 23.5 mm Hg, a reduction comparable to that associated with the 0.03% solution (8 mm Hg) but with only one-third the drug exposure.

Decreased drug exposure has been linked to improved tolerability and a significant decrease in the incidence of adverse events, including less frequent and severe hyperemia; other adverse effects included eyelash growth and ocular pruritus. The lower-dose formulation was also linked to a significantly decreased discontinuation rate after 1 year (8.1% for bimatoprost 0.01% vs 13.4% for bimatoprost 0.03%).

"The approval of Lumigan 0.01% provides doctors with an efficacious, safe and well-tolerated IOP-lowering medication for glaucoma patients who are either starting treatment or are changing their medication regimen," said Scott Whitcup, MD, Allergan's executive vice president, research and development, and chief scientific officer, in a company news release. "Lumigan 0.01% exemplifies Allergan's commitment to developing medications for glaucoma patients that maximize efficacy while minimizing drug exposure."

Treatment with bimatoprost ophthalmic solution has been linked to reports of increased pigmentation in the iris, eyelid, and eyelashes; pigmentation of the eyelid and lashes may be reversible on discontinuation of therapy. Iris color changes, though often permanent, may not be noticeable for several months to years and typically appear as a brown pigmentation around the pupil that spreads toward the periphery of the iris.

Macular edema, including cystoids macular edema, has also been reported during bimatoprost therapy. Caution is advised when treating aphakic patients, pseudophakic patients with a torn posterior lens capsule, and those with known risk factors for macular edema. Patients with active ocular inflammation, such as uveitis, may experience an exacerbation of the condition.

Wholesale Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution Careprost Eye Drop

Bimatoprost opthalmic solution 0.03% is used to lower the pressure built within the eye and is known as intraocular pressure (IOP). Bimatoprost which is also known as Generic Latisse is used to treat glaucoma that is caused when fluid (aqueous humor) is build up in the eye. The increase in IOP can lead to the optic nerve fibres which may cause a gradual loss of sight. Careprost 0.03% can increase the drainage of aqueous fluid out of the eye causing a decrease in IOP and preventing loss of sight. These eyelash growth products also help in treating ocular hypertension to lower IOP. They also help in treating hypotrichosis that can be possibly caused due to abnormal eyelash growth. So, they help the consumer to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.


It has bimatoprost that repairs the eyelashes after repeated application. This ingredient is a synthetic equivalent of the natural prostaglandin chemical and ensures longer and thicker lashes. Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances created out of a chemical reaction at a site on the body that has undergone tissue damage or infection. These lipids heal the injury by stopping the formation of blood clots, inflammation, or blood flow. Like prostaglandin, Bimatoprost performs a similar function of rebuilding the damaged area around the eye. It stabilizes the eye pressure by flushing out the aqueous humour from the eye through the trabecular meshwork, which is a spongy tissue at the base of the cornea. Once the liquid flows in a balanced amount, the eye pressure is reduced, and the risk of losing the eye sight is diminished. The result is a lush, natural growth of eyelashes.


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